Thursday, February 12, 2015

Ahi Limu Poke

Ahi Limu Poke
Poke is a very popular raw appetizer in Hawaiian cuisine. The word “Poke” (pronounced “poh-kei”) is a Hawaiian verb for “to slice,” “to cut,” or “to section”. Here in Hawaii, an event or a gathering, big or small, is not complete without Poke as one of the entrées for appetizers.
Ahi Limu Poke is just one of the many Poke varieties.  It is made with yellow fin tuna and Limu (Hawaiian word for algae or seaweed). Besides fish, meat and shellfish, like mussels, clams and shrimps can be used. In addition, for healthier ones, firm Tofu is also good for poke as well as edamame (young soy beans in the pod). Basically, the possibilities are endless.
I make poke almost every weekend. My son loves it so much, that’s why I had to learn how to make it myself instead of buying an already made one. I also keep it very simple. I don’t even add soy sauce, which a basic Poke recipe is asking for.

1 lb. – Fresh Ahi / Yellow Fin Tuna (cubed into bite sized pieces)
1/8 cup – Limu (seaweeds)
¼ cup – Red Onion (sliced thinly)
¼ cup – Green Onion (chopped)
2 tsp. - Sesame Seeds
2 tsp. - Sesame Oil
½ tsp. - Hawaiian Salt or to taste
Dashed of hot pepper flakes
Fresh Ahi cubed into bite sized pieces

Prepared Ingredients for Fresh Ahi Limu Poke

1.     In a bowl, combine all the ingredients together.
2.     Mix well and chill before serving.

Combined Ingredients

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